Healthy wellness gifts

The festive period is finally here and it is time for the most common question around the World: "Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?"  If the run up to Christmas fills you with anxiety, confront it head on with commonsense. The shops are full of pretty, but in practice, not so  useful gifts. If you want to surprise your loved ones with something  REAL SPECIAL, INNOVATIVE and EXCLUSIVE, this message is for you!  I recommend WELLNESS GIFTS designed by a Japanese Health  Solutions Company!  Choose a gift that addresses every aspect of wellness in order to support  the health and happiness of your loved ones. Wellness gifts are unique  and fascinating! They make a perfect gift and a fantastic solution to  support a healthy home and lifestyle of your entire family.  They can solve problems and offer an improved and balanced lifestyle.  These wellness products combine science and nature, ancient principles  and modern technology in order to provide total wellness solutions that  deliver results.  Wellness gifts reflect VALUES, values that are important to YOU,  values that you CARE ABOUT! Give gifts that reflect that you are  thoughtful of others. Give gifts that say: I want to make a difference!  Give gifts that means you CARE!   The products in our online store for purchase.  If you want to build your own business please contact me!
 Living water

Transforms tap water into mineral-rich PiMag® water Details Oxygenates and ionises your PiMag® water Details Reduce chlorine and contaminants Details

Fresh air
Unique antibacterial and antiviral filters Removes airborne particles that affect allergy sufferers Pioneering ozone-free process


Sleep technologies Using magnetic technology along with far infrared and ionic technologies we have created an environment that will envelop you in an energising magnetic field and provide balanced temperature control all night. It adjusts your environment to meet the conditions required for quality sleep. These include: -Proper support. Incorrect spinal alignment or localized pressure points can cause more than discomfort. This may lead to tossing and turning or even interrupt the sleep cycle. -Temperature regulation. Variations in temperature may also interrupt the sleep cycle, particularly in those stages where the body’s own temperature regulating mechanism is temporarily suspended. -A relaxing, calming atmosphere. Ambient conditions and massage effects are known to be beneficial in promoting better rest and helping the onset of sleep. Details
Energising Jewellery - LOOK GOOD. FEEL GOOD. 

Kirei™ Pendants Details Kirei™ Pendants

Details Gold-tone necklace RészletekVerona Cross Heart Pendant Details Napoli SwirlBracelet Details

Interlaced Two Tone Bracelet


Titanium Link Bracelet


Two-Tone Link Bracelet


Santa Fe® Bangle

Details Crossover Titanium Bracelet Details

Wear all day! KenkoInsoles® Details KenkoStrides® t Details PowerPatch™ Details Magboy® Details Nikken belt Details ThermoWear socks Details Magnetic relaxation MagCreator® Details Biaxial PowerMag Details KenkoTherm


Support Wraps Details Details Details Details
Good Nutrition, Good Health

Essential Balance™ Details Jade GreenZymes®

barley grass

Details Nutri5® for menopause DetailsOsteoDenx® for healthy bones Details

Beautiful skin naturaly 1. step Seisho Clear Details2. step Seisho Revitalise Details SeishoNourishing Crème DetailsSeisho® Illuminating Serum Details