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HOW TO START WITH NIKKEN?It is not unusual to be nervous about setting up your own business, but Nikken makes it remarkably easy. For a start, at well under 1000 EUR initial costs are low. And as soon as you sign up ( 85 EUR)  to become a consultant, you will receive a starter kit specifically designed to give you the tools to get started and build your business from the ground up. When you start up your Nikken business you’ll soon find that you’re earning money in a variety of ways. As well as the money you earn on retail sales, there’s also a personal commission and even a group commission, which you earn by setting up your own group of consultants. Right from the start, Nikken offers a wide range of support to help our independent consultants get started, to learn how to do the business and what to do right in the beginning. This support varies from online and printed material to training to help you understand how to conduct your business on a practical level. Ask me in e-mail for more details!     More about how we work at NIKKEN?   Business requirementsif you are outside from Europe ask me for more details! Ask me in e-mail for more details! Distributor license Become a Nikken distributor. The entry fee around 100 EUR. In Europe, you can work  from Hungary (it’s my country),  UK, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Sweden, Switzerland.   After join, you will then be able to buy and drop ship all of the  products Nikken has in your country. You will also be able to accept  Visa  and Mastercard as payment and also most debit cards. MyNikken Business Tools and Webshop

  • Get an online Nikken catalog + webshop, where your customers will then be able to order products right off the internet. Cost 15 EUR/month.
  • Complete online weboffice
  • Up running in 2 minutes
  • NIKKEN handle the orders and ships the products directly to your webshop customers.
  • Your comission is transferred to your bank account

Ask me in e-mail for more details! More about how we work at NIKKEN? Vital Day Pack(Recomended) Product packs for your own testimonials and to get know more about NIKKEN WellnessHome. Product PacksVital Night PackVital Enviroment Pack Take your autoship order!   How to create a significant income in this business?…by building a succesfull network of team-members in 12 steps Investment Distributor license 99 EUR Vital Day Pack 442 EURMyNikken Business Tools + Webshop (monthly) 15 EUR Autoship (Essential Nutrition, monthly) 111 EUR Estimated Monthly Income (stage 12 in 3-5 year) 4096 partners on Autoship 20 000 + EUR Income on Vital Day Pack and other products to partners and retail customers ara not included Investment and income projections are estimates based on the previous modell. Price based on the German pricelist and VAT. Prices may vary from country to country.For more about  how to start business with NIKKEN e-mail me!