NIKKEN PRODUCT TECHNOLOGIES   Nikken technologies are based on the application of various forms of natural energy Nikken products feature innovations that set them apart from anything else on the market. They combine traditional wisdom with modern technology and advanced engineering. The result is a product line that represents practical solutions for dealing with life’s everyday challenges. These energies are found everywhere and are a precondition for all forms of life. All are natural and renewable, and when maintained in our everyday environment, are conducive to a healthy lifestyle.Nikken offers a broad selection of products designed to help integrate this energy in every aspect of your day. Since 1975 that has been our guiding philosophy: energy for living. Join us as a customer or consultant, enjoy Nikken experience! To learn more about Nikken Business Opportunity click here! Nikken magnetic products contain proprietary, patented innovations and make use of static (permanent) magnets, for safety and reliability. Magnetism, for example, is a part of the natural environment for all living things. Over time, the artifacts of modern civilization have diminished our contact with the Earth’s magnetic field, and Nikken products with magnetic technology are designed to help counterbalance this effect. Nikken calls this Magnetic Equalizing Technology, as an aligning or normalizing factor to help produce conditions that more closely correspond to nature. letter-spacing: normal; text-indent: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;”>More about Nikken Magnetic Technology

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    Nikken Far-Infrared Technology is based on the ability of certain specialized materials to absorb energy and then release it in a selective manner. Far-infrared energy has its origin in sunlight, which provides a broad range of energy wavelengths. All living organisms are dependent on far-infrared waves. Nikken employs Far-Infrared Technology to absorb energy and reflect it in the far-infrared portion of the spectrum. letter-spacing: normal; text-indent: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;”>More about Nikken Far-InfraredTechnologyNikken Air Wellness Technology is a comprehensive system that combines several mechanisms for purifying and treating air. These include: Multiple-stage air filtration, using a number of different approaches in a sequential arrangement. Negative-ion generation, producing an effect considered beneficial to health. A design that avoids the production of ozone, a common byproduct of many air-purifying systems. An air quality monitor and automatic operation to maintain a desired level of air quality. letter-spacing: normal; text-indent: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;”>More about Nikken Air Wellness Technology

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Nikken PiMag® Water Technology combines multiple-stage filtration with pi minerals and a magnetic field. The arrangement of these systems varies according to the requir#mce_temp_url#ements of the individual product. However, all products with this technology produce the same result, filtered PiMag® water. More about Nikken PiMag® Water TechnologyMore about Negatíve_Ion Technology

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Full-Spectrum Light Technology approximates sunlight and is used to supplant conventional artificial lighting, which can provide only a partial and uneven portion of the normal spectrum of light waves. Research suggests that exposure to full-spectrum light may be effective in helping maintain natural circadian rhythms, the cycle of sleeping and waking. Other benefits include a reduction in glare and flicker effect as well as decreased energy requirements. More about Full-Spectrum Light TechnologyFound only in the Nikken Kenko™ Sleep System, Kenko Sleep Technology is a combination of features that work together to enable better sleep, provide more rest and assist the processes of physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep. Kenko Sleep Technology includes magnetic energy, a massaging surface, far-infrared fibers and more to address factors such as support and temperature regulation that are crucial to enjoying sleep that is healthy and restorative. More about Kenko Sleep Technology

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Nikken Organic-Based Nutrition is designed to bring the daily diet closer to nature. Each ingredient in the program is carefully selected and where possible the organic content is maximized. The Nikken concept of Whole Body Renewal includes a Core System to help meet daily needs, and modules that offer support for specific biological activities: gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, neurological, immune, skeletal. More about Organic-Based NutritionTrue Elements Swiss Organic Skin Care takes its inspiration from the flowers, vines and herbs that grow in the Valaisan Mountains of the Swiss Alps, extraordinary plant strains that have developed an unusual resistance to the effects of environmental stress. True Elements is certified organic by Ecocert, a distinction that very few products — even those labeled as “organic” — can claim. This provides a level of assurance important to consumers who understand that skin care is health care. More about Organic Skin Care

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  Join us as a customer or consultant, enjoy Nikken experience! To learn more about Nikken Business Opportunity click here!