How We Work   The Path to Financial Independence… “If you’ll do for a few years what others aren’t willing to do, you can live the rest of your life like others only dream of.”What Nikken Does:

  • Develops life changing products & technologies
  • Ships directly to customers worldwide
  • Handles all common business concerns/headaches (warehousing, shipping, accounting, staffing, payroll, etc.)

What We Do:

  • Use these vital energy products and live healthier
  • Work as a team with positive people
  • Find a few customers, find a few distributors . . . and teach them to do the same thing
  • Earn a residual income and enjoy a better quality of life
  • More income
  • More time freedom
  • Better health
  • Retirement security
  • Nicer home
  • College fund
  • Global travel
  • Ability to hel oders

Additional Benefits Of This Business

  • Be your own boss and set your own schedule
  • Be effective in 10-15 hours/week
  • Training and support.. and recognition!
  • Minimal business investment
  • Take advantage of tax deductions unique to this business
  • Create an income-generating retirement asset
  • Live where you choose; Vacation when you want
  • Build YOUR dream life in 3-5 years…  instead of someone else’s in 30!!

A QUESTION FOR YOU: Over the next 3-5 years, would you be willing to invest less time than most people spend watching television to make a real difference…  and to have the income (and the life) you really want? My purpose is not to sell you anything.

It is to make you aware of something truly remarkable that very few people know exists.

It addresses two serious problems that cause most of the stress in people’s homes today: HEALTH and FINANCES Think of how many people you know who live/suffer with health and/or money concerns. Solutions exist.  I’ve discovered one and I would like the opportunity to validate just how real it is. After you get the facts and your questions are answered, I’d like to have you join me as a business partner or become a customer and advocate for me. Feel free to contact me I am looking for people who want:
  • Better health
  • More money
  • More freetime
  • How We Work
  • The Path to Financial Independence...
  • Effective and natural with no side-effects
  • Instantly increase strength, balance and energy
  • Facilitate deeper, more restful and restorative sleep
  • Maximize the body’s ability to function and heal itself
  • Must be experienced to be believed
  • Not available in retail stores or catalogs

“PERSON to PERSON” IS THE ONLY WAY ONE COMES TO APPRECIATE HOW VALUABLE, EFFECTIVE AND BENEFICIAL THESE PRODUCTS ARE.  OVER $20 BILLION IN SALES SINCE 1975!Feel free to contact me if you are intereseted in to be my business partner or customer!